As large general-purpose mechanical equipment, air compressors will inevitably generate a large amount of after-sales maintenance and fault handling requirements during long-term use, and the power consumption and maintenance costs are relatively high. When a fault cannot be timely fixed, long downtime will bring huge losses to customers.

In order to ensure the normal operation and preventive maintenance of the air compressor, PS provides a (CCMS) air compressor remote monitoring system solution. The solution uses PS industrial smart gateway PS-900 on field end, which has high performance, high reliability, comprehensive security and wireless services, to provide high-speed path for device informationization in the true sense. PS Device Networks Cloud is used as the PS cloud, with low-cost, high-efficiency background data storage capability, flexible functionality, scalable and upgradable architecture, enables centralized access management of all connected devices via comprehensive user interface (UI). The solution helps to rapidly achieve intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance management, enable more economic and efficient management of air compressors, reducing energy consumption and improving business efficiency.
The system consists device layer (collecting controller data via edge computing gateway) and cloud platform layer (device cloud). The edge computing gateway PS-900 collects field controller and sensor data, rapidly upload the data in real time with data reliability ensured. With Internet access, the compressor’s on-site operation data: pressure, temperature, load time, alarm status of components, etc. are transmitted to the PS cloud platform in real time through encrypted transmission, authorized users can monitor the real-time air compressor operating status, alarm and fault information through Web or mobile phone app anywhere anytime; or preform remote monitoring, management analysis, preventive maintenance scheduling, etc. through the client interface, reducing and optimizing fault processing time and communication costs.
01 Internet Access of Device
Adopting PS industrial-grade wireless smart gateway to access the Internet.
02 Data Collection and Analysis
Data collection & pre-processing using the industrial approved gateway’s open development computing capabilities. Analyse compressor sensor status with big data computing power
03 Fault Pre-alarming
Using machine learning to build expert system modelling to predict node failures.
04 Operation and Maintenance Scheduling
Establish operation and maintenance process, and generate maintenance dispatch order with the alarm analysis results.
05 Online Monitoring
Support convenient web access and workflow processing.
06 Mobile App
Monitor equipment operating status and maintenance order processing from mobile terminal.
  • Use PS's (CCMS) solution, to greatly shorten debugging cycle and reduce front-end deployment work
  • Allow access of massive amount of equipment, saving equipment operation and management costs as well personnel management costs
  • Save data traffic, routers upload data to the platform via MQTT, which is advantageous over traditional VPN
  • Convenient for maintenance, just require end configuration, support remote web access
Thinking Differently About Compressed Air
Remote capabilities discussed here are already in compressed air equipment, enabling and driving the transformation of air compressor companies from a transactional business model toward a subscription-based partnership model. However, this also requires a mindset shift and willingness from end users to change the way they think about compressed air.
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