Air Tank Common problems and solutions
Air Tank Common problems and solutions

The long-term use of the gas storage tank or after many years of use will inevitably cause rain, air, or humid atmosphere corrosion, which is caused by the action of water, oxygen, acid pollutants, and other substances in the atmosphere. Rusting of steel under atmospheric natural conditions is one of the most common atmospheric corrosion phenomena.
There are three types of gas storage tanks subject to atmospheric corrosion

  •   Dry atmospheric corrosion. At this time, there is no water vapor in the atmosphere, and ordinary metals form an invisible oxide film at room temperature. The surface of the steel remains shiny.


  •   Wet atmospheric corrosion. Refers to the corrosion of metals under a thin film layer that is invisible to the naked eye.


  • The gas storage tank's corrosion under the liquid film condition can be seen. Refers to corrosion in the air with a relative humidity of about 100% or in rain and other aqueous solutions. 

Influencing factors of atmospheric corrosion

  •  The influence of water. Among the substances that corrode steel in the atmospheric environment, water is the main factor (generally speaking, the higher the humidity, the stronger the corrosion)


  •  The influence of SO2 (sulfur dioxide). In areas polluted by industrial waste gas, SO2 has the most serious impact on steel corrosion.

Therefore, we need to strictly abide by the maintenance rules, clean and clean in time, and make the product life longer

Published : 24-Nov-2022

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